Physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual development of the personality of every ward is the target of Quality policy


Our curriculum aims at encouraging and involving Our Little Angels( nursery) , Our Adorable/Smart Angels ( Jr/Sr KG) in multifarious


Our main activities are Art, Craft, Dance, Kalari, Music, Yoga, Theatre Sports - Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Athletics and many more...

Admissions Open 2017-18

We will work hard to make our admissions process as easy and pleasant as possible for you. Please contact us at any point with any questions.

Ask Rims

If you have any questions just pick up the phone and not only are we very nice people but you will get all the info you need a lot quicker.



To ensure 100% pass percentage in all the classes at the end of the session. To pay special attention to the weak students and enhance their performance level to compete with other students. To ensure zero percent drop out. To identify gifted/talented students class wise/section wise and prepare them to participate in four talent search exams in a session. To provide ample opportunity to all students to increase gifted students by 20% at the end of the session. To ensure every child must participate in activities of various skills.